Ken Cates' Hudson Stepdown Restoration Resources


Ignition System

Tune Up Part Numbers

NAPA numbers

  • CAP - AL106
  • Points - CS719A
  • Condenser -  AL869
  • Rotor- AL112

NGK Plugs - B7HS

Champion H11 one step cooler plug CH10

Mallory Dual Point Distributor Hudson 232/262/308 engines

Brass Oil Pump Gear

Drives the distributor shaft - interfaces to Camshaft

Pertronix Electronic Ignition Module Installed in Hudson Distributor

Pertronix Electronic Ignition Kit for Hudson

Internal Distributor distribution wires.

Change these to prevent shorts and ignition failures

Stock Hudson Distributor

Hudson Distibutor Aftermarket Dual Point installation kit

Hudson Oil Pump with timing gear

Note slot in end, this is the distributor shaft interface point

Ultimate Hudson Distributor testing machine

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