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Drum Puller

Necessary to remove rear brake drums from Stepdown

Using Modern Brake Shoes - Stepdown

Removing Rear Drums -Stepdown

Adding Self Adjust to Stepdown Brakes

Adding disc brakes to Hudson Dana 44 Rear End

Adding a mechanical Brake Light switch

Hudson Stepdown Mastercylinder Guide

Hudson Double Safe Mechanical Brakes

     Super Dave & Wes Kitchens - Story of adding disc brakes to a Hudson

Hudson Stepdown Power Brake Components

Rebuilding a TreadleVac Brake System

TreadleVac Hudson rebuilder

I used Karp's also, they are in Upland, California. I had them powder coat the housing in satin black. Brake fluid does not eat up the powder coating like it does paint. Takes a little longer if you want the unit powder coated. Great Job!

Karps Power Brake Service Upland, CA


Provided by: John Forkner

Brake Repair Questions and Answers

Q. I have a 1951 Hudson Super 6 and have a stuck left rear brake. How do I get the drum off?

A. Make it easy on yourself. Remove the big nut on the back of the backer plate and don't lose the
square washer. That will let the anchor pin come off with the frozen shoes, drum etc. Use the 3-jaw puller and don't bang on the end of it! Bang on the rotating wrench where you're s'pose to. The little retainer pins will break but you should use new ones anyway. Use a little heat on the hub if you have to. You'll wind up with hub, shoes etc on the ground where you can loosen the adjuster with vice grips and get the whole thing apart.

- Uncle Josh - on the INTERNET

Brake Parts listing from Rudy Bennett


An alternate to stainless steel and standard steel brake lines is a product called Kunifer (Cunifer) brake line material. Cunifer had great corrosion resistance, is DOT, MOT and TUV certified for use as brake lines. It is easy to bend by hand. This material is copper nickel alloy that will not work harden like plain copper. You can purchase Cunifer in 3/16 " (4.75mm) 1/4" (6.5 mm) OD in coils from several vendors. One is Fedhill, they have a website: The Cunifer is easy to flare as well. Fedhill sells excellent brake line forming and flaring tool, as well as all the lines and fittings in SAE and Metric sizing.

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