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Cooling System

Heater Hose routing

  • The Ranco heater control to lower heater hose is "U" shaped. You can get those at NAPA by ordering part # NBH 10826 or Dayco # 87677.
    You will have to cut one end off to accommodate what your needs. These are preformed 'u' shaped hoses. (Thanks Lance Walker)
  • The hose from the cylinder head goes to the far right on the ranco valve, the left hose goes to the top of the heater core and the lower goes back to the water pump. This makes the complete circulation of hot water through the heater when the interior control is set to hot.

Ranco Valve - Hot water Heater Control Valve

Clearing Cooling system of corrosion 

THERMOCURE is an EVAPO_RUST product that is added to the cooling system then cycled via normal vehicle use then is drained to remove the rust that has been dislodged from the engine and radiator.  Refill the cooling system with new coolant and a " water wetting product" to improve heat transfer.

Hudson water pump pulley – Dual pulley for Air Conditioning etc.

The Mopar Pulley part number 36988-05 is 5-13/16" OD and 2 1/8" deep.  This pulley is only 3/16" larger than the diameter of a 1954 Hudson double groove pulley. These pulleys are usually available from local wrecking yards.  1980s-90s Mopars; Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, small block 318-360 V-8 2 groove water pump pulley with air conditioning.

Hudson big block 6 water pump differences - with/without dual pulley

Hudson Stepdown Formed Upper and spliced lower Radiator Hose PNs

Upper Formed Hose -  for 1948 - 1954. Upper: Cut to length (All). Gates 21794 or NAPA NBH 8484, Gates 21660 or NAPA NBH 7096 (This is a '48 Chevy lower radiator hose).
lower radiator hose with the steel tube- Gates 24224 or NAPA NBH 632

Goodyear hoses  60859 @ 61563


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