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Carburetor Repair Kits Hudson carburetors can be purchased from:


  • Address:
    1191 Turnbull Bay Rd,
    New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
  • Phone:(386) 427-7108
  • M729SZ - Carter pump Fuel only - - Can be used on all Jet and Hudson 6 Cylinder motors not requireing Vacuum boost
  • AC fuel with vacuum boost (5594057-Hudson Part number) - 53-54 & Jet 6 Cylinder
  • AC fuel with vacuum boost (1539108-Hudson Part number) - 48--54 6 & 8 cylinder engines & Jet
  • Fuel/Vacuum Dual pumps - Fuel pump connections and operations

Vapor lock doesn't happen between the pump and the carb, it happens between the tank and the pump. The suction of the pump lowers the pressure in the line and a t the same time lowers the evaporation point of the fuel. So if you have a restriction or a hot spot in the line the fuel evaporates before it gets lto the pump. The pump won't pump enough vapors to run the engine.

So check for areas where the line runs close to the exhaust system or lays downstream of heat from the exhaust. Best way: drive it till it falters, crawl underneath and run your hand down the fuel line feeling for hot spots. They'll be easy to find.

Check for restrictions: smashed lines, plugged lines, plugged pickup filters and the most insidious of them all the deteriorated rubber line on top of the tank.

Get the flow specs for your car and check the fuel pump output cold. If it's not to spec see above before you replace the pump. While a new pump may cure the problem it is likely due to other causes and will recur if the pump you have is fairly new and will pump to spec from a container that eliminates the present fuel system. Disable the ignition. Take your emergency fuel supply can and a short piece of the proper size hose and hook to the inlet side of the pump. Another piece of hose on outlet into a graduated container. Crank for specified time and measure output

If the pump fails both tests replace it. If not, the problem is one of the above.

Stepdown Fuel Tank

Electric fuel pumps A Walbro pump supplier: http://www.autoperformanceengineerin.../bel_pump.html

Another electric fuel pump that allows the mechanical pump to pull through is the Airtex E8011. It's available from your local auto parts store or from Rock Auto. • 

If your pump keeps clicking, the diaphragm is probably leaking. Alcohol additives in the gasoline will damage or completely destroy the diaphragm.

Enter E8011 in to the "Look for a part" box-

NAPA sells a Carter rotary vane pump in both 6v and 12v versions. There IS a minor downside ... it costs about $95!

Repair Kits for the Walbro pulse type electric fuel pump V.W. Petersen Co., 1-800-537-6212a company in Toledo, OH , sells rebuild kits for the Walbro pulse-type pumps (also sold under the AC brand, maybe others) They'll take a credit card number and ship right away. The bellows repair kit is #300-714S, about $7; the check valve replacement kit is 300-665S, about $5 (The valves don't often go bad). Instructions are included. Note : A complete kit includes new bellows, spring, and valves, and costs a little over $10. You can buy just a bellows replacement kit for less than that. When opened up, the bellows material is usually deteriorated to a gooey mess. Installation of a kit will usually bring these pumps back to life.

Stepdown Fuel tank Pickup tube

  • Gas Tank Restoration
  • Tip for cleaning tanks provided by Bob Dittrich: 3/6/2001 RE: Cleaning Gas tanks

To properly clean the tank Remove it from vehicle. Drain tank and flush with hot water or Wand car wash with soapy water and rinse .Remove Sender unit and block all openings except filler neck Then put in 2-3 gallons of boiling hot water and 1/2 large can of Sani flush Cleanser(add last) plug opening with large rubber ball and slosh solution around and upside down for 30 minutes allow to stand for 20-30 minutes where heavy deposits exist .Return to car wash and drain and flush tank with rinse cycle only. Take tank home and open all outlets and allow to dry for 24 hours Then coat with good quality tank sealer (preferably alcohol proof) I Buy mine from Speedway Motors Lincoln Nebraska Phone orders accepted with Visa# Coat tank and allow to dry rotating tank to avoid puddling of solution for 2 days to 1 week. Reassemble tank and replace lines with new and put on a new filter and you are set. I have cars that have been on the road for 20+ years with this treatment and are like new.

  • Fuel tank gauge resistance matching
  • Wiring an electric fuel pump for safe operation & fuel pump part #s
  • King Seeley Fuel tanks sender operation and repair
  • King Seeley fuel system operation - gauge, fuel tank sender, insturment voltage regulator
  • Gas Gauge Problems…

    by Randy Rundle, Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts If you understand how a gas gauge is supposed to work, then finding your problems will be much easier. Here is how most (AC) type electric gauges work. Two parts make up the fuel gauge system, the dash gauge and the gas tank sender, located at the gas tank. Power to the dash gauge is received from the “switched” side of the ignition switch which means the dash gauge works ONLY when the ignition switch is in the ON position. There is a small counterweight located on the needle of the gauge which returns the gauge needle to the EMPTY position when the ignition key is in the off position.

    With the ignition key in the ON position current flows from the ignition switch thru the small operating coil (located on the back of the dash gauge), on to a “CHOKE” coil. From there the current travels to a common terminal between the two coils. After the current reaches the common terminal between the coils, the current travels back thru the operating coils and then on to ground. At the same time current is also sent to the tank sender where current travels thru the sender unit and on to ground.

    When the tank is empty, the float will be near the bottom of the tank so most of the current is sent to directly to the tank sender where it passes on to ground. As more fuel is placed in the tank, the float is raised and more current is sent to the operating coil of the dash gauge, causing the needle to move closer to the full mark. It is electrical friction (resistance) from the gas tank sender that guides the current to either the tank sender or the gauge.

    1) The most common cause of fuel gauge trouble is a poor ground, especially at the tank sender. Make sure all wiring connections are tight and free from dirt and corrosion. A poor ground or loose connection to a fuel gauge system is just like loose or dirty battery cables to your starting system.

    2) If your gauge needle remains on EMPTY when the ignition key is turned on and the gas tank is partially full, battery current is NOT reaching the gauge. Connect a jumper wire between the ignition switch and dash gauge. If the gauge works, replace defective wiring between the switch and gauge.

    3) If a dash gauge's NEEDLE remains in ONE POSITION as the ignition switch is turned off and on, either the dash gauge or the tank sender is defective. Ground the gas tank sender terminal using a jumper wire. If the dash gauge shows empty, the gas sender is defective. If the dash gauge needle does not move, replace the dash gauge.

    4) If the dash gauge reads EMPTY or LOWER than it should, check for defective wiring between the dash gauge and the tank sender unit. Also check for poor ground.

    5) If a dash gauge reads EMPTY when the tank is actually half full, the wiring between the dash gauge and the tank sender is defective or the dash gauge is defective. Disconnect the wire at the gas tank sender terminal. If the gauge still reads empty, the dash gauge is defective.

    6) If the dash gauge reads FULL when the tank is known to be only half full, the wiring between the tank or the sender is bad. Ground the gas tank sender terminal using a jumper wire. If the dash gauge still shows full, there is bad wiring between the dash gauge and the tank sender. If the dash gauge goes empty, the gas tank sender is defective.

    Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts sells an amazing variety of quality automotive electric parts, especially for restoration, conversion and upgrading of electrical components. Examples are 6-12 volt conversion instructions and supplies, 6 volt alternators and pulleys, cooling fans, voltage reducers, etc. Randy’s address is 415 Court Street, Clay Center, Kansas 67432 or telephone him at 785 632-3450 or email him at

Stepdown Fuel Tank Gauge Sending Unit

Repair of these units is available @

JOHN WOLF & COMPANY, Inc - Antique auto instrument & King Seeley Fuel tanks Sender repair - located @ 36420 Biltmore Place - Willoughby, Ohio Phone: ( 440 ) 942 - 0083

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