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Hudson Stepdown Hinges - from Lance Walker

Hudson was a frugal manufacturer; the use of the same part in a variety of applications was not uncommon. The Hudson Stepdown hinge is a perfect example.

The doors on the hardtops, convertibles, coupes and 2 door sedans were heavier that their four door equivalents. But the hinges from a Hudson Sedan front door are the SAME as those used in the coupes.

The convertible models may use larger diameter hinge pins.

As an added bit of strengthening the 2 door cars have a welded piece at the top of the door facing the A pillar near the point where the fender and the top of the door come together. This welded piece is meant to prevent stress sagging of the doors on 2 door models. Due to the stresses that appear at this location an inspection for cracks is prudent.

Hudson Door panel backing boards

Wildrick Rubber products of Shelbyville Indiana purchased the rights to much of the former Dick Bell Hudson parts reproduction business. One of the projects that Dick under took was the recreation of backing boards for most Hudson stepdown models. Using the originals, patterns were made that allowed the recreation of replacement backer boards in the original wax coated paper board material. If Doug had acquired these patterns he could offer these pieces for sale. Check with him at 317-398-4163.

As an alternative, a pattern for each door can be created using a large piece of brown paper. Locate the paper so that it covers the whole door and then secure it to the door. Using a sharpie style marker locate and mark all the push through mounting holes, holes for window handles and arm rests. Using this template, obtain either upholstery backer board from an upholstery supply or a sheet of Luann and create your backer boards.

Hudson Door Sill Plate reproductions

He stressed it can be slow. If not ready made and in stock, be prepared to wait 8-10 months. That is his backlog to make new ones. Call for more info. 973-423-1196. His name is Donald Kuehn (N Haledon, NJ). Following are available items from older catalog.

1948-53 2 dr conv & coupes $240
1948-53 4 dr sedans $300
1950-53 2dr super wasp & pacemaker $240
1950-53 4 dr super wasp & pacemaker $300
1954 2 dr conv and coupes $240
1954 4 dr sedan, hornet special $300
1956 4 dr super wasp $240
1957 2 dr $200

Storing a Hudson for an extended period of time?  Have you considered that oil in the engine will eventually fall off all the moving parts due to gravity?  There is a solution that can be used to oil the cylinders and valves so that a film of oil remains during the storage time.  The solution is FOGGING OIL a spray can packaged product from STA-BIL products.  It has also been used to free rings and valves after an engine has been left without proper storage preparation.    Tip from Mark Brians - South Texas HET Chapter member.

Hudson tip - Something my grandpa did... he took 2 old spark plugs, busted the porcelain off, and welded some bar stock on the metal in a T shape.  Screw them in the spark plug holes, and now you got a nice pair of handles to heave the head in place.  Internet sourced

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