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The Hudson parts Interchange Manual allowed mechanics and service personnel to identify parts interchanges between model years. In the age of Stepdown maintenance the identification and selection of parts was strictly.. BY THE BOOK. Assuring maximum stock usage was a process that included sharp memories and carefully crafted inventory systems. Hudson Factory Interchange manuals allowed the Hudson Dealer and Service center to add the ability to ID and use parts which were on hand but marked for other years and applications.

The following listings are by no means fully accurate. The information is a compilation of information gleaned from personal experience and the sharing from others who have scoured OEM and after market parts manuals to ID and catalog interchangeable parts which MAY BE appropriate to use in repairing your Hudson.

Always compare, compare, compare: the OEM part you take off your HUDSON should be viewed a the ultimate decision tool. Use the OEM part as you reference when deciding to use a replacement part. All Hudson parts are hard to find.. your CORE maybe the reason another Hudson can be restored. Make sure you rebuild what can be rebuilt and give or sell your cores to those who can rebuild them for reuse.

NOTE: The tables associated with the following illustration may have links to INTERNET locations where additional information or opportunites to procure the listed part (s). The vendors listed where added at the time of this pages creation because they were offering replacement parts matching the Hudson part. Providing this information is in no way and attempt to create a comprehensive listing nor an endorsement of a vendor or a recommendation to purchase from a vendor.

Front Suspension

1948 - 1954 Hudson Suspension components are basically identical year to year. In 1954 Hudson added Power Steering as an option that could be added to all models produced. The illustration showing Front Suspension 1948-1954 except Jet. Identifies the individual components found in the front suspension. These components are the same left to right except as noted.


2nd type front suspension complete has the 2nd type steering spindle (Group No. A3), and is used with the 2nd type front wheel hub assembly (Group No. E3) and front wheel bearings (Group No. E4). 1st and 2nd type parts are not interchangeable. 2nd type parts became effective on LHD cars with 480 Series serial No. 48920, 2nd type parts also used on serial No. 48225 thru 28479, 48487 thru 48500 and 48665 thru 48705.

The following interchange information utilizes the same marking conventions used in the Hudson Parts Manual illustration.

1948 -1954 Front Hudson Suspension
Vendor P/N
After market Source Complete overhaul kit Kanter Auto Parts Select : Kit or component
Alternate Make Source
Complete overhaul kit
41-56 Buick, 50-56 Cadillac, 50-54 Chevy, 
53-62 Corvette,49-53 Ford,
46-55 Kaiser, 49-53 Mercury, 41-56 Oldsmobile, 41-57 Pontiac, 49-56 Willys
compare OEM Hudson parts

A1-9 , A4-4, A4-1, A1-4, A4-2, A4-3, A1-3, A1-10

King Pin Kit

Moog #8314-B (obsolete)
Kanter Auto Parts select kit
Car Parts Discount

A1-17, A1-17A, A1-18, A1-5, A1-16, A1-19 Lower Outer A Frame Bushing Kit Car Parts Discount
Rare Parts
A1-30, A1-31, A1-16, A1-27, A1-29, A1-32 Upper Outer A Frame Bushing Kit Car Parts Discount
Rare Parts
A1-14, A1-13 Lower Inner A Frame Bushing Kit Car Parts Discount
Rare Parts
A1-24, A1-26, A1-28, A1-21 pivot assy-upper support Car Parts Discount
Rare Parts
F11-6 Shock mounting plate Wildrick Restorations Contact Doug WIldrick for price and availability
Front Shock
Other automobiles with shock use matches
match compressed and full extended lengths
1949-56 Ford full size ex SW, 53-62 Corvette, 61-73 Volvo, 74-78 full size Chrysler, 76-79 Volare, Dodge Aspen, 71> Gremlin,Javelin, AMX
Gabriel 26001, 4215B, 4502B, 80906
Weatherby (1979 catalog) 48481 / 48504
Monroe , Heavy Duty, 1.75" vs stock 1" diameter 3008
Monroe 1001, 1032, 1007 ,K-11188, K-188, 31094
Delco P-1016, S208,
Sears 79203, 93403
Hercules D-141, D-720, D-220, D-252, M-50, M-51, N-530
Kanter Auto Parts select the desired shock
Car Parts Discount select the desired shock
F1-1 Coil Springs Eaton Springs Get Catalog Here

Stepdown Hudson Steering

Hudson Center Point Steering

1948- 1954 Hudson steering was controlled from a fulcum point located below the front center frame cross member. The steering is know as CENTER POINT STEERING. The fulcrum point for the steering is a center pin supported by a set of needle bearings. Known as a weak point in Hudson that have been driven many miles the steering becomes sloppy and the car will jump or wander from side to side causing the driver to see saw the steering wheel to compensate for the uncommanded steering activity. Repair of this steering component is covered in the Hudson Mechanical proceedures manual. If the pin is in good shape the repair could be as simple as replacing the bearings.

Vendor PN
Center Pin and tapered holding pin

  • Catepillar part # 442926/
  • possibly 4F2926
After Mkt Source
Gert Kristiansen,1731 South 500 East., Salt Lake City, UT 84105 (801) 486-1635

Bearing replacement kit machined from proprietary material

Hudson Stepdown Tie rod ends
Vendor P/N
Tie Rod End
46-47 Ford Interchange with Hudson
Moog - Need to be modified to work on a Hudson Stepdown. Saw off 3/4 inch from right tie rod end and exted the tread and slot deeper into the link. Use a 11/16 X 18 Tap (Source Dec 1974 WTN Pg15) ES147R & ES147L
Moog ES-416R & ES416L
Moog ES-64R & ES-104L
Kanter Auto Parts Select required part from Catalog
Rare Parts Select required part from Catalog

Raybestos - available from O'Reily's AutoParts (2013)



Rear Axle 

Hudson and Dana Rear Axle

51 pinion seal Parts NAPA 47897 or National 47331

ID Name Vendor Vendor P/N
 Dana 44 Inner Seal  40769S
 Dana 44 Outer Seal Timken, SKF, Napa 17310

Brakes and Control

Will be updated as above as time permits


Will be updated as above as time permits

Springs and Shocks

Will be updated as above as time permits


Will be updated as above as time permits

Brakes and Control

Will be updated as above as time permits


Will be updated as above as time permits

Transmissions and Control

Will be updated as above as time permits


Will be updated as above as time permits

Propeller Shaft

Will be updated as above as time permits

Fuel System

Will be updated as above as time permits

Exhaust System

Will be updated as above as time permits


Will be updated as above as time permits


Will be updated as above as time permits

Special Tools

Will be updated as above as time permits

Body and Trim

Will be updated as above as time permits

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