Ken Cates' Hudson Stepdown Restoration Resources


Suspension and Steering

Parts sources for front suspension

Internet Parts Sources (Shocks etc)


  • Monroe
    • OE Spectrum #5751 Front
    • (LE10001)
    • Monroe-Matic Plus #31094 Rear

Sway Bar Links

  • Moog #K 8998 
    • fits GM Gran Prix, Chevelle, Regal 78 and up

This diagram depicts a method of creating a rubber mounting for the Hudson Stepdown center bearing support that will not separate

when the vehicle drive shaft is subjected to high torque. This tip was passed on from Bernie Siegfried who used it in his race cars and personal Hudsons.

Drive Shaft Rubber Isolator Update

SUSPENSION PARTS Rare Parts, Inc. manufactures and distributes steering and suspension parts and components including the obsolete and hard-to-find suspension parts for domestic and import cars and trucks from 1930 to the current year. Rare Parts, Inc. sells worldwide to customers in the automotive trade from our location in Stockton California. Over 600,000 suspension parts in stock .

Step-down front springs: Coil Spring Specialties, in Kansas. They have all the specs, and are great to deal with. I think they can tell you what you've got (and if you need new ones, they're an excellent source). Phone 785-437-2025; email   .......... Park W.:

Center Point steering Repair Kit

Hudson Center Point Steering

Phil Aldridge shares his Center Point steering repair procedure

OEM Hudson Steering Pin Repair Kit

Stepdown Hudson Wheels

Are Stepdown rims marked in anyway to tell if they are hudson, Are they stamped hudson or anything?

The area that is sometimes stamped is on the outside flat area where a tube would go up against. It is marked upon occasion 'Motor Wheel Corporation' - not much help. The thing that may help you are the design of the smaller wheel cover retaining clips. Nash, Kaiser and Hudson all shared the same clips. Providing the are the same diameter and width, they will all interchange as well..

'Motor Wheel Corporation' was a major supplier of steel rims/wheels

'Motor Wheel Corporation' Hudson wheels

'48-'54 15"X5"  marked 'X-40100

'48-'54 15x5 1/2 marked X-40101

1955 - 15x5 marked X-40103
1956 - 15x5 1/2 marked X-40104
1957* 15x5 1/2 X-40050

          14x5 1/2 X-40002

Wheels from 40s Hudsons prior to Stepdowns, are the same as Chrysler /Dodge/ Desoto/ Plymouth.  Budd Corp. used to make wheels for all of these manufacturers.

Wheel Catalog - Passenger Car and light truck with attaching parts

Hudson Wheels - HET FORUM discussion with pictures for reference.

Hudson Panhard Bar bushing (rear)

The barrel on the end is actually supposed to slide. Most are rusted in place and make it harder to install

the new bushing. make sure that you put the washer as show in Jeff's pictures.

'48-'54 the same part is used. '47 and earlier use a completely different type of bushing.


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