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49 Morris Ave, Summit, NJ

Hudson Carpets and Tops Available

Providers of Hudson Uphostery

Comparison of SMS and Original 1953 Hornet blue check materials

HOW TO UPHOLSTER An Online Upholstery Class Detailed Instruction on Furniture Upholstery, Auto Upholstery, Marine Upholstery, And Slipcovers

RECOVER A DOOR PANEL - Online step by step instructions... modern vehicle, but methods same

Window Regulators Dave Sollen Punch out rivets , for gear replacement. You can also reverse left and right side gears, to get full closing. Of course, you cannot open full, that way .

Reproduction step down vent window gears made with zinc alloy, higher in aluminum than the Zamak alloys. The company claims it's about as strong as cast aluminum.  Sold each or your regulators can be rebuilt e-mail  Gene, Myrna or Gregg Eshelman   for pricing.

Kanter Obsolete Auto Parts - Takes you direct to the interior and carpet area of catalog

Check -a- Board Material for Step-down Interiors:   address of provider of almost same as orig i nal checkerboard material it's the following: Duralee Fabrics Ltd ., 1775 Fifth Avenue, Bayshore, N.Y. 11706

Learn to wood grain and develop other talents needed to restore you STEPDOWN with videos from Fred and Ray .

Wood graining instructions - Do it yourself!  From Mac In Florida -
Painted all 11 pieces with primer, next, painted a light cream on. First step was to take a 3' ceramic brush and spreading out a medium oak paste on a piece of Formica, brushed all 11 pieces very lightly, next, cleaned brush, do the same with dark oak stain, next, do the same with a light oak liquid stain. After all three stains have been applied, clean brush, dampen it with thinner, lightly brush over all three coats, be careful not to blend them together. Let dry, put a medium coat of Min Wax, clear acrylic satin 'spray'. Next day, do the same, 3rd day, spray on a heavier, coat, 4th day, spray on a heavy coat. 5th day, go over all pieces with #4 steel wool. You will be surprised at what you will achieve.' Successes if you have any trouble, just let me know. You can print this if you want. It has worked perfect for me.

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